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Additional new images in the University of New England collection
Added on 07/26/2019 11:44 PM by Hortsch
Many new image files have been added to the University of New EnglandCollege of Osteopathic Medicine VMD Collection. Thank you, Dr. Daly, for your work and for sharing your excellent histology images.

New slides in the OSU collection
Added on 07/16/2019 07:42 PM by hortsch
Dr. Bill Meek from the Oklahoma State University Center Health Sci has added many new slides to the OSU collection in the VMD. Please check out the new slides. You may find some gems. Thank you Dr. Meek for making the OSU slides available to the VMD community.

New VMD collection from Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan
Added on 06/24/2019 03:31 PM by hortsch
The Virtual Microscopy Database welcomes the 20th collection with new superb histology virtual images. Thank you goes to our colleagues from Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan-China, for making this the first VMD collection from Asia.

More than 1000 active VMD users
Added on 06/15/2019 07:21 PM by hortsch
This month we enrolled the 1000th VMD users. Thank you all for your interest in this resource. We as the VMD administrators hope that this virtual image database will improve your teaching for the benefit of your students. Please let your colleagues know about the VMD.

New virtual slides uploaded to the University of New England collection
Added on 05/20/2019 05:56 PM by hortsch
Thank you to Dr. Daly for uploading new virtual image files to the University of New England collection. Please check them out. The topics cover the nervous system, cardiovascular and endocrine slides, as a thick skin slide with Langerhans cells. 


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